Working Videos

This is Midgard’s Osiris, he is the son of Nyx and Domino. He is almost two in this video and this is his first day of training, he is an awesome starter.

This is his second session.

Midgard’s Panic, He’s a huge male out of Achilles and Freya. He’s 32 inches tall and 160 lbs.

This is Chimera’s Isis, she is the product of Chimera’s Lynn and my Neo Achilles. This is her first day on Protection training.

This is her third session.

This is Thanatos, he’s a two year old Male bandog bred here at Midgard Mastiffs, he’s working as a catch dog and is hunting wild boar.

This is a clip from a training day where we worked Chimera’s Isis and Midgard’s Tyr and Echidna

This is Echidna, she’s a three year old female Bandog bred at Midgard Mastiffs. She’s showing her ability to work in prey and defense, and take a lot of abuse from children.

This is Achilles at 5 years old he’s 29 inches at the shoulder and 150 lbs. He’s much tighter, more athletic, and has more drive and confidence than any Neo I’ve ever seen. This is his third session on his first day doing Personal Protection training.

This is Kronos at 18 months old showing how stable he is and that he can turn on and off. He did this exercise for the first time just a few minutes before we started filming. He just impresses me more and more. I am very proud of this dog.

This is Kronos working a spring line, it’s a spring pole on a cable run. He’s got a very impressive hold.

This is Kronos at 14 months old being worked be Lee Robinson. This is Kronos’ first session with stick hits. Getting hit while on the bite is a critical part of training, because if he ever has to bite someone to protect my family, he can’t be surprised when the person fights back. Some dogs have to be trained slowly not to let go when hit, not Kronos he loves to work and the more the trainer fights the more he likes it.

This is Kronos being worked by Lee Robinson. He’s 12 months old. We are working on teaching him the “guard” command by giving him the command immediately followed by the decoy starting the agitation. This way he learns when he hears the command to get ready, because something’s about to happen. At the end of the video he doesn’t land his bite perfectly so Lee gets him to adjust for a deeper bite before dropping the sleeve. This teaches him if he wants to win he has to have a good bite, and if his first bite isn’t perfect he should adjust it. But he sure put up a fight.

This is Kronos’ speed test. He was kenneled for a month before hand to get him out of shape, that makes sure this is a test of genetic ability and not conditioning. He ran this half mile course 8 times and while tired, he did fine, he’s got great endurance. The longest I ran him at 35+ without stopping was one mile. For a 125 pound dog I’m very impressed with his speed and endurance.

He trots at 20 – 25 mph, his comfortable run is about 35 mph, his peak sprint is 40 mph, but he can’t hold that long. He’s an extremely fast dog!

The video is all over the place, because I was more focused on not crashing than on shooting clearly. This was the last run of the day and the clearest video, though he only ran 38 mph this run.

The next step will be to get him into great shape then test his speed and endurance again, that will give me his genetic potential, since I now have his genetic baseline.

Since he’s 125 lbs, he carries a force of 17906 newtons traveling at top speed. That’s enough force to accelerate a 200 pound man to 24 mph on impact, that’s a very hard hit. (He’s was adolescent at this time and now is about 10 lbs heavier but just as fast)

This is some Grip/Prey development with a 9 wwek old pup named Atlas he’s a grandson of Kronos.

More to come.