Puppy Testing

Along with physical and behavioral testing we also do a detailed genetic screening. Each puppy will come with their own genetic screening data.

The puppies are 5 weeks old, I’m holding a chicken leg quarter on a string and watching for drive, bite style, tenacity, and interest.

A young female working with a flirt pole showing prey drive.

A 10 weeks old male showing great prey drive working a sleeve.

This is looking for prey drive.

This is the chicken test, at 6 weeks.

This is the same test at 6 weeks this time I added a pulley and a 2 liter bottle as a counter weight. I was happy to find they had no trouble lifting that weight even at 6 weeks old.

Of the 3 I selected to keep in the program this is their first exposure to a spring pole at 10 weeks old. I’m glad to say they showed interest and surprising strength. Though I shouldn’t be too surprised since the two larger ones are already over 30 pounds.

This is Kronos he’s 7 months old doing on some bite work. He’s 1/4 Great dane, 1/4 APBT, and 1/2 Neapolitan Mastiff. He’s about 26 inches to the shoulder and about 95 pounds.
The decoy is Lee Robinson of Chimera Kennels doing me a big favor working my dog even though it was late, wet, and muddy.

This is Kronos working with Wade Ford.


This is Freya working with Lee Robinson at 7 months old she’s about 90 pounds and 25 inches to the shoulder.