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Osiris is a 7th generation male Midgard, he’s:

38% Great Dane

25% American Bulldog

14% Neapolitan Mastiff

10% Bullmastiff

7% American Pitbull Terrier (multiple game lines)

6% Dogue De Bordeaux

Osiris is one of the biggest, fastest, most agile, athletic and driven dogs I’ve ever produced. He is everything a Midgard should be, he’s an incredible specimen and one of the best starters I’ve ever seen. Osiris is a very tight and muscular 145 lbs and 30 inches at the shoulder. Osiris is a red merle.

His Sire Domino is a half brother to Raheem:

His Dam Nyx is a littermate to Fenrir:


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  1. Oh, I love this male. Osiris is gorgeous!
    Do you have any breedings planned for him in the future?
    He looks well built, and strong. Nicely porportioned too. I love the action photos! What has he been trained in if you don’t me asking?

    His sire is so handsome too! Looks a bit smaller in size.

    1. I do plan to breed him to Isis.

      He’s done some personal protection training.

      Domino is a bit smaller, but not that much, It looks like a lot because the man standing next to Domino is a huge man.

  2. Where did Osiris get his drive from? It’s pretty amazing for his size. I can see it in the Osiris x Isis pup that I have. I hope she gets most of her size and stature from her sire. Although I know she will be a bit less due to being a female.

    1. Osiris’s drives come from generations of outcrossing to great working dogs and breeding them together then selecting the best of their offspring to be the founders of the next generation. That’s the basic process and after enough generations and hard enough selection you get a lot of great dogs.

  3. I also would like to know at what age do you determine if the pups are protection dogs, guard dogs, working dogs, pet class??

  4. Very nice dog! The best looking male dog I have ever let my eyes on. Are you planning to breed him anytime soon? I’m very interested in getting one of his male puppy please email me i am a serious buyer my family and I are in need or guard dog.

    Greetings from Toronto, Canada

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