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Kronos is 3rd generation male Midgard. He’s:

50% Neapolitan Mastiff

25% American Pitbull Terrier (multiple game lines)

25% Great Dane

Kronos is 29 inches at the shoulder and 130 pounds, He’s a spectacular working dog. He’s a dark brindle. His drives are perfect. With a balance of high fight, prey, and defense drives, he is ideal for personal protection work. He’s very stable, has great nerves and tons of courage. He’s the best working dog I’ve ever had. He’s fast, athletic, and has great endurance. He’s quick to obey, always alert, but still friendly and social. He’s at home on the training field fighting a decoy as he is at petsmart doing tricks for kids.


Kronos Sire Cicero:

Kronos Grand-Sire Ike:


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  1. Would it be possible to make a nother 50% Neapolitan mastiff 25% American pitbull terrier ( multiple game lines and 25% great dane that looks like kronos

    1. I won’t be using that exact cross again, because I’ve already got it. I will be using Kronos again this year, and he tends to produce fairly consistent sons, and I may be breeding him to one of Shakti and Achilles daughters. That should produce some fairly high neo dogs with similar natures to Kronos.

  2. Im really impressed with this dog a little more hight with out losing his proportions and he’d be perfect would like to get a female like him I will be intouch with you in the near future is allgoes well

    1. Typically the range between 500-1500 depending on the pup. My current litter however are all 500 even the high quality pups. For more info on my pricing system see my “for sale” page.

  3. who Is Cicero to Kronos his brother ? and in this dame mix which is better in your opinion, girl dame boy pit or the other way round or better question what is Ike ?

    1. Cicero was his father.

      There isn’t really a difference between male/female of certain breed combinations. You only really see than in interspecies hybrids like mules and ligers.

  4. Hi David, Please let me know when you will be taking deposits for a Kronos breeding. I am looking for high fighting drive and good prey drive as well as civil aggression. The dog I want has to be aloof. Thank you. Mike Gast

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