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Isis is a three year old female, she’s:

62.5% Neapolitan Mastiff

25% American Pitbull Terrier (multiple game lines)

12.5% Tosa Inu

Isis is 26 inches at the shoulder and 100 lbs, she’s blue brindle. She has excellent drives and confidence and She’s been worked, and did great, I am very impressed with how well she’s started. She is a daughter of my Neo Achilles and Chimera’s Lynn.

This is her first day of training

Isis is the first dog in this video

This is her third session

Isis’ Sire Achilles

Isis’ Dam Chimera’s Lynn

For more information on Chimera’s Lynn click here to see her page at Chimera Kennels


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    1. I wouldn’t do that pairing, it’s likely to produce dogs that are too bulky and not as athletic as I need. They would be too much like a typical mastiff physically. I love big dogs but I want big, tight, lean athletes.

  1. I thik Isis would be a nice match to a dog from that Great Dane and Psyche’s breeding. BTW have you kept any pups from that litter? How they turned out?

    1. She might, Atlas is the name of the male I kept from Psyche’s litter, and he’s great. I have a picture of him in the future prospects section of the “our dogs” page. I think most likely I’ll breed Isis to Osiris first to set a few traits I like in both that I think Atlas will need and add height to Isis, then cross the product of that to Atlas, that way the height will be coming from both sides, which it really needs to be to produce height, I think that will yield an improved Atlas. Though Achilles daughters like Pele could be a good match for him without another outcross because his mother is Osiris’s sister and already has those genes.

  2. Indeed, Isis + Osiris and then cross it with Atlas should produce some outstanding dogs. Perhaps after that you if add Tyr it would give you a more tightly bred dog and one step further in your program.

  3. A dog that i would like to see in your program is Manson Family Bandog’s Kimbo. I’ve seen videos of him on youtube and he seems great and is very athletic, you only need to breed him to a tall female to add more height.

    1. At this point I’m looking to stay away from the small, high pit type Bandogs. In the persuit of a perfect mastiff I’ve used bulldog blood and there are many bulldog traits I want and many I don’t want from the bulldog. I’ve spent the last several generations sorting and selecting for the best traits of the pit and away from the worst. Puting in that much pit blood would undo a lot of the selection done and take me back a few generations. Wait for Atlas and Triton to grow up and I think you’ll see the athleticism, drive and mobility of the heavy pit bred dogs in a mastiff sized package without the low defense drive or dog aggression that comes with high pit breedings.

  4. Can there be pp and pet quality together?? I had come across a cane corso when I was very young…..she was 6 yrs old wjen I adopted her……she was the most amazing dog Ive ever owned……but not really watchdog type but great family dog…… and my first encounter with the breed……..we live in a terrible area and have kids so we wanted to know if its possible to have both qualities in a dog??

    1. So in the way I’m using those terms no, a pet quality dog is a dog who fails to qualify for any other quality.

      A pp dog can however be a good pet, generally the are more trouble to keep because of there drives, but my PP dogs are also my personal pets though they aren’t “pet quality”.

      That said most people who want a family dog who’s also a guard dog are actually looking for a guard quality dog. That’s a dog that will protect the family and home but won’t be as hard to handle on a day to day basis as a PP dog.

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