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Duchess is a 9th generation female Midgard, she’s:

57% Neapolitan Mastiff

19% Great Dane

12.5% American Bulldog

5% Bullmastiff

3.5% American Pitbull Terrier (multiple game lines)

3% Dogue De Bordeaux

Duchess is the largest female I’ve ever bred, she’s every bit the size and build of a male mastiff. She takes a lot of traits from her grandfather Achilles my last Neapolitan mastiff. She’s Dark Brindle, 145 lbs and 29 inches at the shoulder. She’s energetic, protective and affectionate, she’ll make a powerful family guard dog. I was planning to breed her but she got an infection in her uterus that forced me to have it removed. So she’s fixed and that means despite how much I like her I can’t keep her since I need to make room for another breeding female in her place. She’s currently for sale for $500, contact me if you’re interested in her.


Her Sire Triton


Her Dam Pele




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