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Artemis is a 9th generation female Midgard Mastiff, she’s:

41% Great Dane

39% Neapolitan Mastiff

6.5% American Bulldog

6.5% American Pitbull Terrier (multiple game lines)

4% Bullmastiff

3% Dogue De Bordeaux

Artemis is a black female 28″ at the shoulder and 120 lbs. She’s a daughter of Atlas and Pele, so she brings together a balance of the two newer outcrosses of Neo through Achilles and Dane through Wally. She’s down from the Midgard line build on Kronos and has every bit of his speed and athleticism. All the current pictures of her are while she was pregnant, I’ll resolve that. She’s a lean, energetic and alert female with a very high prey drive. She’s got a high work ethic, solid drives and confidence.

Her Sire Atlas

Her Dam Pele