Osiris and Pele

This litter is between Osiris and Pele, and delivered June 6th. Click here to see pictures of the pups.14079755_854118661391979_6409900468173909692_n

Osiris is 30 inches at the shoulder and 145 pounds, he’s a red
merle. His drives are perfect. With a balance of high fight, prey, and defense drives, he is ideal for personal protection work. He’s very stable, has great nerves and tons of courage. He’s the best working dog I’ve ever had. He’s quick to obey and always alert. He’s as at home on the training field fighting a decoy as he is at petsmart doing tricks for kids. He’s been one of the best producers I’ve ever had.


Pele is 27 inches at the shoulder and around 120 pounds. Her color is Black. She is a stunning dog, she’s athletic and muscular, and extremely agile and fast for a dog her size. I like her a lot she’s very protective and stable with strong prey drive and great courage.


If you are interested in a pup call 601-519-3498 or email MidgardKennels@gmail.com. You can also leave a message via the box at the bottom of the page.



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    1. They are Midgard Mastiffs, but they were made from many different foundation breeds. So they are a blend of:

      Neapolitan Mastiff
      Great Dane
      American Bulldog
      American Pitbull terrier
      Dogue de Bordeaux

      1. So do you consider them Bandogge Mastiffs. I’m currently interested in dogs with a ton of natural ojeriza. How are yours in that area?

        1. They are Bandogs technically but not because of the breeds used to create them. Some people talk about Bandogs as if they are a certain cross of breeds, but Bandogs predate the idea of breeds. Bandog as a title refers to the job that they do. Saying Bandog is like saying hunting dog or search and rescue dog. So my dogs are Bandogs because that’s the role they are bred for.

          As for ojeriza in my opinion it’s mostly just a term that describes poor nerves and a lot of natural fear. Most of the dogs described as hating people are actually afraid of people and unable to process stress.
          My dogs are naturally suspicious of strangers and protective of their homes and families, but you can introduce them to new people and they’ll be social as long as those people remain social. They can also be taken out in public and used to protect but they’ll only be aggressive if commanded to be or if provoked with aggression by someone. My dogs are balanced so that they can be social when needed and protective when needed.

  1. We bought one of these puppies, and received her on 10/21. She’s gorgeous, but by Sunday, she began to get sick, Tuesday night she was in bad shape, we took her to the vet Wednesday morning, she had Parvo Virus. The best we can figure, is that she was exposed at her pre flight vet check, the stress from the flight, compromised her immune system enough to let it overcome her vaccinations. I texted David, he apologized for her being sick and said, let me know when it’s time to settle the bill.

    Now the story gets better, she came home today, after 5 days in isolation, and on IV fluids, and heavy medication. It wasn’t David’s fault that she was sick, she had been vaccinated. But he paid the vet bill without a grumble or complaint.

    He’s a good man, an honest man, who stands behind his dogs, and stands with their owners. Someone who was just in it for the money, wouldn’t have done that. I look forward to updating you as she grows, and trains to do what she was bred to do.

    Thank you David, for a wonderful companion, and for being who you are, from our whole family here in Indiana.

      1. Probably wouldn’t hurt, but the vet seemed sure that it was not a bad vaccine, apparently this happens more than people know. He informed us that it is not all that unusual. Which is kind of scary.

    1. I also have one of David’s dogs. She is 8 years old now and has been the healthiest dog I’ve ever owned. David has always been right there when I’ve had questions or concerns. He has a pure love for his dogs and the breed he has developed. I would recommend him and his dogs to anyone.

  2. Hi from Australia you’ve done a fantastic job with you’re dogs,absolutely beautiful animals I’d buy one tomorrow if I lived in America
    But it is a bit cost prohibitive importing dogs to Aus as we have by far the strictest quarantine requirements in the world,and our government loves to just ban breeds
    I imported a presa Canario from Donna Kelly of show stopper kennels in Pennsylvania about 25 years ago and another 2presa Canario from manuel Curtis grazia shortly after it ended up costing over a hundred thousand dollars
    The government then banned the breed because of an attack overseas by one
    Now the best mastiffs you are allowed in Aus are Neos which are pathetic cripples,cane corso which are not much better and boerboel’s that are bred so massive they’re clumsy heart attacks waiting to happen
    If you have a phone number I’d like to speak with you about some dogs
    Keep up the good work. Pete from Aus

  3. what’s the difference between a guard dog and PP dog. if I left the PP dog home would it still guard and protect your home

    1. A guard quality dog is a dog who’s drives are such that he’s best suited for guarding the home, a PP dog is a dog who’s drives are such that he can guard the home and be easily trained to also defend on command and work similar to a police dog.

  4. That’s a great story above behind a breeder standing behind his dog s and seeing his puppy through the woods. You have great dogs that actually look what I picture in my head a mastiff to be. A strong dog that can actually move around and protect its family. Best of luck to you. Now if people would start breeding Rottweilers like this and stop throwing Vom/Von in front of their kennel name and overcharging for “the real German style”. Great dogs Midgard Kennels!

  5. Hi David, We have talked periodically through email exchanges about your breeding program and the mastiff as a home guard. I own an aging malinois and in the next few years will be interested in a first pick male puppy from one of your breedings. I will be looking for a puppy with potential to be a very hard civil biting dog with a lot of “d”. In the meantime do you have any strategy as far as your breeding goals? Have you ever thought of bringing in any Boerboel blood? Best, Mike Gast

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