Current puppies

These are the available pups from the litter between Osiris and Artemis. They were born on January 30th. They’ll be ready to go home on April 3rd after they receive their 9 week vaccine. They’ll also all be individually DNA tested and screened with over 40 million points of data to test for genetic diseases, recessive traits, and genes that impact performance.

There are 11 pups total, 5 males and 6 females.

Soon I’ll add individual pictures and descriptions along with the results of their individual DNA tests.


Merle Male 1  

Merle Female 1 

Black Male 1 

Mantle Merle Female 1 

Merle Male 2

Mantle Merle Female 2 

Merle Female 2 

Black Male 2 

Merle Piebald Female

Merle Female 3 

Brindle Male