Crixus and Pele litter

This litter is between Crixus and Pele, they were born on May 21st. Click the picture below to go to the puppies page.


Crixus is 30 inches at the shoulder and 145 pounds, he’s black. He’s a son of Osiris and Isis, he’s product of one of my all time favorite litters. He’s very stable, has great nerves and tons of courage. He’s been catching hogs in Texas and impressed me enough to bring him in to breed. He’s got excellent prey drive and defense and has very nice balance physically and mentally.


Pele is 27 inches at the shoulder and around 120 pounds. Her color is Black. She is a stunning dog, she’s athletic and muscular, and extremely agile and fast for a dog her size. She’s a daughter of Achilles and Shakti. I like her a lot she’s very protective and stable with strong prey drive and great courage.


These pups will be 9th generation and:

  • 48% Neapolitan Mastiff
  • 19% Great Dane
  • 12.5% American Bulldog
  • 9.5% American Pitbull Terrier (multiple game lines)
  • 5% Bullmastiff
  • 3% Dogue De Bordeaux
  • 3% Tosa Inu

If you are interested in a pup call 601-519-3498 or email You can also leave a message via the box at the bottom of the page.


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