For Sale

All pups produced are tested for working potential and are graded by the results. 

The deposit is $250 I can accept PayPal and can take credit cards through PayPal.

All pups are $1200, that is including the deposit.

This is how the pups will be ranked during the selection proccess.

Personal Protection. A personal protection dog also comes with a guarantee, I will replace any pup that is sold as a PP dog that fails to perform as a protection dog. A dog of this type, raised and trained properly should be able to perform real working personal protection duties.

Guard. A guard dog will be suitable for home, property, and family guard work.

Working. A working dog may lack the drives or courage for guard or protection work but should be capable of any kind of work you could do with a large, strong and fast dog. This is where I usually put catch dogs like hog dogs or dogs that could be good for draft work/weight pull.

Pet. A pet dog can be many different things, from a dog lacking drive to a dog lacking courage or nerve. These are the culls that’s won’t make it as guard, working, or protection dogs. I’ll describe exactly what makes each pet dog a pet for anyone who’s looking for one.


Our current litter is between Crixus and Pele, Click for more details.


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