For Sale

All pups produced are tested for working potential and are organized by the results. The deposit is $500 I can accept PayPal and can take credit cards through PayPal, the total cost of a puppy is $1500. Call 601-519-3498 if you’d like to talk about getting a pup. I’m not accepting deposits on the current litter.

This is how the pups will be organized after temperament testing is complete to give you an idea of what to expect.

Personal Protection. A personal protection dog also comes with a guarantee, I will replace any pup that is sold as a PP dog that fails to perform as a protection dog. A dog of this type, raised and trained properly should be able to perform real working personal protection duties.

Guard. A guard dog will be suitable for home, property, and family guard work.

Working. A working dog may lack the drives or courage for guard or protection work but should be capable of any kind of work you could do with a large, strong and fast dog. This is where I usually put catch dogs like hog dogs or dogs that could be good for draft work/weight pull.

Pet. A pet dog is a dog whose temperament or drive set makes them best suited to be a pet rather than a working dog.