Visual History of Bull and Mastiff Dogs

This is a collection of mastiff and bulldog pictures and painting from before they were bred to ruin by the show/money breeders.

English bulldog 1803

English bulldog 1835

Working type bulldogs

More working type bulldogs

Neapolitan Mastiff 1977

Working neapolitan

Personal Protection trial Champion Dogue De Bordeaux 1949

Assyrian Lion hunting Mastiff 640 BC

Neapolitan Mastiff in Italy around 1970

1474 fresco Camera Picta – very old working mastiffs

1890 Working type Great Dane

Throw back Dogue De Bordeaux – with an agile build and a muzzle

Mastiff type dogs fighting gladiators in Rome

Roman Mastiff fighting in war

A Great Dane with an old style body with the English Boar hound head type

Old type, tucked and athletic English Mastiff

Very nice old type Neapolitan

Working Neapolitan Mastiff

Another working type Neapolitan

Spanish Bulldog

Staffordshire terrier 1910

Old type agile Alpine Mastiff aka Saint Bernard

Van Dyck Duke Wolfgang V, and his working type Great Dane

Old working Bullmastiff

These pictures reflect a function over form breeding strategy, all these dogs were bred for what they could do not to satisfy some twisted standard. A working dogs function is first and foremost to do the work for which it was bred. If a standard requires a change in the dogs form that will prevent them from doing their job, the standard is wrong. Nature does not beauty breed, wild predators are selected by their ability to survive and reproduce. Most of them are beautiful animals, without the insane distortions we’ve inflicted on dogs. Function over form naturally produces better form and function.

This links to my page for the bizarre mutants produced by “beauty breeding”