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Midgard Kennels is one of the most scientifically advanced kennels in the world. We produce a superior working mastiff.  A dog not only large but strong, healthy, family safe, and full of working drive. My primary reason for owning and breeding dogs is to give the mastiff back the strength it once had, when it was a warrior breed. Since the mastiff has lost its place as a warrior, it has sadly become a giant, lazy, show dog.

I produce dogs who are large enough, powerful enough, brave enough, and driven enough to confront any threat to his family and give his life to protect his family if need be. Since the best place for any guard dog is in the house with the family he’s protecting, I’m also working to correct the cosmetic problems involved with mastiffs in the house. One of the major problems is the floppy drooliness that is so popular in the shows. My dogs are generally 140-150 lbs pounds, 30 inches at the shoulders, tight skinned, dry mouthed, and free of hip, eye, heart, skin, or any other health problems.

This is a long term multi-generational project, our dogs are currently in their 11th generation. There will always be improvements to make, but the dogs I have now are by far the best dogs I’ve ever had. I test every puppy I produce for health, drive, temperament and working potential to aid in the selection process for the next generation. This is achieved through a combination of physical testing and evaluation along with a comprehensive genetic screening of each pup. 

I don’t produce lots of pups, but when I do they’ll be listed on my For Sale page. In between litters I take names and numbers for my waiting list. If you’d like to be on it call or email, and I’ll call you back when the next litter is ready.

If you’d like to see the family tree of the entire Midgard Mastiff line click here:

Special Project – Genetically engineered Midgard Mastiffs
There has been a lot of media coverage of my work with dog genetic engineering and using techniques like CRISPR to cure dogs of genetic diseases and to enhance their performance. The real work though is to create affordable tools and methods that any dog breeder can use to genetically modified dogs.


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